Brewton Iron Works products are manufactured to the highest standards in our industry today which is why we give our industry's only 90 day written guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship.

Brewton Iron Works, Inc. has been in business since 1901. It has been run by the same family since its inception. Because of our longevity in the market, we have the largest inventory of sprocket patterns in the domestic market today.

We have been innovative in the market as well. In 1988, then President Earle Wilson Jr. was the first to design and manufacture UHMWHDPE sprockets for the marketplace, specifically for New York City. In 1982, his son Rick Wilson developed a new metallurgy for cast iron chilled rim sprockets. To identify this unique material, he later trademarked the name BrutAlloy. In short, we have the knowledge and the technology acquired from over 111 years of manufacturing service to provide the customer with the products and the quality they require.

Brewton's customer list includes water and waste water treatment municipalities with New York City and Boston being our largest to date, major chain manufacturers and suppliers, and users of bearings, and other mechanical power transmission accessories. We also supply industrial castings such as hand wheels, non-pressurized valves, and small transmission housings to a diverse range of customers.

Domestic sources for mechanical power transmission components have depleted over the years creating a void between the customer and the supplier that is becoming harder to fill. It will continue to be this way.   As such, it is paramount that customers establish themselves with dependable domestic suppliers, such as Brewton iron Works, in order to have their casting needs met in a timely manner.  Brewton Iron Works  is one of the few domestic manufacturing resources left for cast iron chilled rim sprockets. We are the only domestic manufacturer who can supply a sprocket in cast iron, cast iron chilled rim, UHMW-PE  plastic, steel and combinations of steel, UHMW-PE and cast iron that produces all components at its facility.

Brewton Iron Works, Inc. is the only manufacturer of its type that will warrant its products to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of ninety days after delivery under normal use and service. We are also unique in that we will make parts from ounces to hundreds of pounds in quantities from one to a few thousand.

Because we have machining and fabrication facilities on-site, sourcing products with Brewton cuts down on expensive transportation costs incurred when shipping from a foundry to another machine shop. Lead time is reduced because of this as well. Outsourcing to a foundry and then to a machine shop doubles transportation costs and increases lead times by weeks if not months.

For many customers we will maintain an inventory of products that cuts down on the customer's inventory costs. We are truly a partner in business with our customers.

Our business has never been better. Because we have survived the harsh economy of the past three years, we have grown our business through our positive relationships with our customers and through the attrition of other manufacturers.