Brewton Iron Works was established in 1898 by the Loveless Lumber Company for the purpose of completely overhauling and maintaining steam locomotives utilized in their sawmill operation. In 1903, W.F. Wilson, a noted steam engineer who was originally from Denmark and then residing in Mobile, was hired by Loveless Lumber Company to manage its wholly owned subsidiary, Brewton Iron Works. In 1910, Mr. Wilson was offered 25% of the business and continued in his manager-partner capacity until 1922.

By 1922, Brewton Iron Works was complete with its foundry and machine shop working in support of its locomotive overhaul facility. W.F. Wilson purchased the balance of Brewton Iron Works stock from the Loveless Lumber Company during this year, thus becoming the sole owner of the business.

The company's business began expanding after the change in ownership and it commenced performing services not only for the Loveless Lumber Company, but also Alger Sullivan Lumber Company, T.R. Miller Mill Company, and other major saw mills throughout the south. In 1933, a new machine shop and office was constructed by the company. During the same period, the foundry was expanded and added municipal castings to its growing product line.