Brewton Sprockets are carefully designed and produced to provide exceptional service in all applications. The special materials used in Brewton Sprocket construction and the engineering know-how which Brewton Iron Works has acquired during nearly a century in the foundry and metalworking industry are your assurances of receiving the finest quality sprocket available.

  • Various UHMW Sprockets
  • Cast Iron Dished Bodies with UHMW Segmented rims ready for shipment
  • Ganged Cast Iron Sprocket Assembly
  • Fabricated steel multi-traction wheel assembly.
  • V-grove Sheaves and aluminum Idlers

Pillow Blocks

All Brewton Pillow Blocks have machined bases and bearing ends. They are tapped for grease fittings and provided with grease grooves to lubricate the full bearing surface. All housings are ATSM A48 Class 35 Grey Iron. Split blocks are furnished with shims for adjustment and the bearing edges, at the split, are beveled so that the lubricant is not scraped off the shaft. Brewton Pillow Blocks can be supplied with a variety of liners which include Babbitt, Bronze, Phenolic and UHMW.

  • Cast iron pillow blocks
  • UHMW pillow blocks
  • Cast Aluminum pillow blocks


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